Project Management and Maintenance

The web development process is split up into several stages. Each stage can be regarded as a stand-alone step and can be invoiced separately. The project management requirement is estimated for the entire project and expressed a percentage of the total project cost. Usually amounting to 15%, but may vary up to 25% depending on the complexity of the project.

Project Process

Stage 1. Concept and design

Stage 2. Gathering input requirements

  • Sitemap, navigation
  • Data collection (Content, Media, Databases, Catalogs)
  • User training and workflow design
  • Proofreading, translations

Stage 3. Technology platform set-up

  • Hosting and domains (Cloud, Dedicated, Windows or Linux)
  • Server technology (IIS, Apache, Rails)
  • Database software (MySQL, MS SQL)
  • Scripting language (Ruby, Python, PHP, ASP.NET)

Stage 4. Development

  • Website software (Open Source, Commercial)
  • Design
  • Database
  • Programming
  • Content

Stage 5. Test, finish, launch!

Stage 6. Marketing

  • Search engine optimization process
  • Website analytics & analysis
  • Adwords, banners, affiliate marketing

Stage 7. Aftercare

  • Maintenance contract
  • Updates, upgrades
  • Bug fixes

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