Run Drupal on Zend Server with Page Cache

Acquia tested Drupal performance using PHP only, PHP with APC and Zend Server with Page Cache. They find that Zend Server with Page Cache enabled increased Drupal performance by 2605% (in terms of page requests, valid for Acquia's testing environment).

From the whitepaper (Feb 2010):

Effectively, using full page caching based on a GET variable results in performance equivalent to that of static HTML – an astounding 26(!) times faster than plain PHP. While full page caching cannot always be applied, using it where possible can make a remarkable difference. If this approach is implemented, it is important to configure Zend Server so that it will not cache pages that include user-specific content.


  • Pimping Drupal


  • Zend Server, which some may find 'bloated'
  • Requires VPS or Dedicated Server