IV. Drupal High Performance

Get Pantheon / Drupal Mercury

Pantheon is Drupal on a supercharged cloud stack with the community's best practices built in from the beginning. Stability. Security. Sheer speed. So you can focus on your Drupal sites. With Pantheon, you stand on the shoulders of giants.

Drupal Mercury is a stack of:

  • Varnish
  • Memcached
  • Drupal Pressflow
  • APC
  • Optimal Apache setup
  • Many other built-in advantages

Available on Amazon EC2 as an AMI.

Replace Core Search with Apache Solr

For big sites, say tens of thousands of nodes, the Drupal core search module is not suitable any longer. You could tweak it to handle hundreds of thousands of nodes, but there is a limit. To handle high search volumes, one should look to external third party search solutions. The most popular -open source- tool is Apache Solr. The Solr search can be integrated with Drupal via theApache Solr Intergration project.

Run Drupal on Solid State Disks

SSDs do provide apples-to-apples performance improvement over HDDs (even 10K RPM drives). One challenge with AMP-based packages such as Drupal is that they are not often
I/O-bound unless precisely tuned for particular workloads. As such, 'out of the box' performance gains might not justify the increased cost.

Properly-tuned Drupal deployments which stress I/O subsystems will likely see greater SSDvs- HDD performance increases than detailed in this report.