Web and digital development agency from the Netherlands with developers in Budapest. We love Drupal and startups.
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We Are Morningtime

We usd agile methods to translate your business needs into technology features. Morningtime then implements your project from design, backend development to storytelling and digital marketing. We are craftsmen of the open source CMS Drupal 8.

We Are Specialists

We are used to a high-paced, competitive business and technology environment. We combine both our business experience with practical digital skills to get you the most out of your project.

Your Startup CTO

We can serve as interim CTO to high-potential start-ups, help them with the IT architecture and development set-up, outline the technology and scalability roadmap and help on-board a technical team.

Recent Work

Bitcoin Payment Processor

'eCash' was a Bitcoin startup determined to solve the barrier to pay online. For example, popular credit card processors may charge a payment fee up to 6% per transaction. When middle-class merchants struggle to make ends meet with 2% margins, clearly such outrageous fees kill business. Bitcoin can best be understood as a 'counter-corporate' technology that believes We the People deserve to process our own finances.

Price Comparison and Dropshipping Engine

'ShopCircuit' is a price comparison engine that can read millions of products from suppliers' data feeds. It can handle dozens of product attributes. Using artificial intelligence, the engine tracks products' end-of-lifecycle to automatically remove products no longer available to consumers. Using compressed (gzipped) XML and CSV data as inputs, the engine can update a million product datasheets per hour on a single medium-end server.