Partners In Marketing

Partners In Marketing is a Belgian marketing agency. This classic corporate site is built on Drupal and developed by Morningtime Digital Media. The webdesign and imagery are courtesy of our design partner REM-ART.

The site is available in four languages, each on a separate domain:

Partners In Marketing is not a very complex website, but severs well as a classic corporate presentation. Drupal is easy to use and the agency's employees quickly learned to work with Drupal.

The Drupal 6.x platform is suitable for building multilingual websites. The multilingual features provided by Drupal's built-in locale system are the perfect solution to target European audiences accross many languages and nations. To help target content by language and domain, we added the i18n and domain access modules. These give us plenty control to manage translations and geographic content targeting.


Client: Partners In Marketing
Development: Morningtime
Design: REM-ART