Dawson Arts

British Choreographer David Dawson

Dawson Arts is a floating collective team of Ballet specialists who collaborate with famous British dance maker, David Dawson. Over the past decade Dawson's collective have created and performed their works at many top international venues.

This Drupal 7 site uses regular modules, such as Views, Date and Core fields, to build a custom Lineup events section. Video galleries are provided by the Media and Media_Youtube modules. Extensive Photo galleries are provide by D7's built-in Image styles (D6 Imagecache).

Drupal 7 was chosen for its major user-interface improvements - Client can manage their own site much more easily.

The slideshow transition effects are custom-built with basic jQuery, while the slides are retrieved with Views. A custom views template overrides the output to fit with our custom slideshow jQuery.

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Photography by Dawson Arts