We're a full service web development agency with developers in Amsterdam and Budapest. We love Drupal and startups. 
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Web Development

We help clients develop a wide range of web platforms, from startups to corporate APIs. With over a decade of experience, we know how to build ecommerce frontends, corporate blogs, advanced data tools, and more.

Data Processing

Morningtime has a decade of experience in processing static data into dynamic applications. For example, we can turn all sorts of databases into interactive, searchable content made available online.

Recent Work

Bitcoin Payment Processor


'eCash' was a Bitcoin startup determined to solve the barrier to pay online. For example, popular credit card processors may charge a payment fee up to 6% per transaction. When middle-class merchants struggle to make ends meet with 2% margins, clearly such outrageous fees kill business. Bitcoin can best be understood as a 'counter-corporate' technology that believes We the People deserve to process our own finances.

Price Comparison and Dropshipping Engine


'ShopCircuit' is a price comparison engine that can read millions of products from suppliers' data feeds. It can handle dozens of product attributes. Using artificial intelligence, the engine tracks products' end-of-lifecycle to automatically remove products no longer available to consumers. Using compressed (gzipped) XML and CSV data as inputs, the engine can update a million product datasheets per hour on a single medium-end server.

Dawson Arts

British Choreographer David Dawson

Dawson Arts is a floating collective team of Ballet specialists who collaborate with famous British dance maker, David Dawson. Over the past decade Dawson's collective have created and performed their works at many top international venues.

This Drupal 7 site uses regular modules, such as Views, Date and Core fields, to build a custom Lineup events section. Video galleries are provided by the Media and Media_Youtube modules. Extensive Photo galleries are provide by D7's built-in Image styles (D6 Imagecache).